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Customer Reviews

We had such a blast catching shrimp on the Hallie M! Ages 11-45 and everyone loved the whole experience- sorting the shrimp, checking out the cool fish and other wild life, and the gorgeous scenery along the way. Captain, crew and boat are first class!! Highly recommend for all ages. Five stars for sure!

– Erin

Wonderful with kids. Had a blast not to mention we get to take home loads of shrimp.

– Heather

Captain and mate were so wonderful! Knowledgeable and friendly! What a great experience!!!

– Barbie

Captain Barry and his crew were very friendly and knowledgeable. Had a great time and will definitely will return for another charter.

– Bradford

Barry is the best boat is clean and comfortable it’s a great family experience you won’t forget! Get on the boat with him next year you will be glad you did and the shrimp are tasty too!!

Scott T.

– Scott

This was an absolutely fantastic experience! Captn’ Barry was terrific! He took the time to explain to us in advance what we were going to do which made everything go super smooth. We had a ton of fun and caught A LOT of shrimp and fish! We will be booking another trip next year, for sure!!

– Stan

We had a great time learning about shrimping. Captain Barry and Duglass were friendly and willing to share their knowledge. The boat was clean and while we didn’t catch the largest haul like some others we still had bunch to take back to eat. The best part will be the memories of the trip. I would definitely recommend!!!

– Thomas

Best thing we did in the obx. Great trip, great captain and mate.
Nice trip for the whole family!! Highly recommend!

– Ronald

Awesome trip! Couldn’t have asked for a better charter. It was not only a shrimping trip, but also an insight into the shrimping industry. The Captain and Mate were outstanding. Will definitely refer our friends that also come to the OBX. 10 Stars!

– Stephen

Captain Barry and his mate Duglass could not be more knowledgeable, patient and kind. We had 3 generations of our family on the boat and everyone had a blast. Such an incredibly unique experience offering a glimpse into a way of life not everyone gets to see. Not to mention walking away with 36 pounds of fresh shrimp! Thank you so much to Captain and crew for treating us like family and welcoming us aboard.

– Ryan

Great family trip that the wife and kids greatly enjoyed. Being an avid fisherman the captain explained all the finer details that go into catching shrimp. And boy did we catch shrimp, 90 lbs. The boat was spotless and the captain made the trip with his great personality. I would recommend to anyone.

– Tim

What a fantastic experience! Capt Barry and his mate worked really hard to deliver a great time while educating about the shrimping industry and sharing stories. The boat is extremely clean and set up to be comfortable for all ages! I highly recommend this experience and I will go again ! Thanks again capt Barry

– Steve

First Class! Had a great trip. Captain and mate were friendly and professional. Boat and equipment was well maintained and functioned flawlessly. Do yourself a favor and catch a ride on the Hallie M.

– Hud

I was a little skeptical about this tour that my wife booked for me and my adult children but was very satisfied with the trip. We couldn’t get the grandkids to join us (they didn’t want to wake up at 5am lol) but us adults had a great time! We ended up with almost 60 lbs of shrimp and enjoyed some fantastic fresh shrimp for a couple days and took the rest home. Captain Barry taught us alot about the business and gave us great tips on cooking and freezing our haul. Well! worth the $450 price. We probably took $400 worth of shrimp.

– Kurt

Took a chapter last year (2020) and had such a great time, we booked 2 trips this year!! As said by other reviewers, Cap’n Barry and Mate Duglass are the friendliest and most knowledgeable water people in the business – and I’ve been around a long time and many charters. By far, HallieM is the cleanest charter you’ll ever go on.

Last year we had great success – this year we had a more than twice as much shrimp haul. Ages of our family on charter were from 10 to 72 and enjoyed by all. Thanks again Cap’n Barry and Mate Duglass!

You should have no concerns with this charter trip except where to store all the shrimp!! Enjoy!!

– Nick

Took my family on an afternoon charter on the Hallie M. We were greeted by Capt Barry and his mate Douglas. The boat is IMMACULATE, sturdy and completely safe for kids of all ages. The capt and mate went through great detail what each piece of the shrimp trawl was, why it was there, an what it was used for as they deployed the trawl. Dragged the trawl for a short time, talking with capt barry about the specific flats that we where dragging over an why. Once we pulled the trawl in, the shorting began. Let me tell you it was awesome. My wife, daughter and niece all had a great time shorting through the shrimp and fish. Did this a couple times and made a pile of shrimp to take home. All I can say is if you are down here on vacation, take a few hours and book a trip. Capt barry is running a top notch operation that is fun for everyone. Bonus is taking home a pile of fresh wild caught shrimp!!! I will be booking next time I’m in obx! Thanks again for a great trip and memories my family will always have.

– mike

Highly recommend this charter me and my buddy’s took a trip on this boat and he put us on the meat! we enjoyed our time very knowledgeable captain we processed 94lbs of shrimp We will be back!

– Chris

My family had such an incredible time with Captain Barry and his first mate! Everything was absolutely top notch! The boat was impeccably clean, the captain and his first mate were both so friendly and answered our many questions with patience. There were 6 of us on the charter and ranged in age from 3 to 73. All of us had such a great time and we caught an unbelievable 101 lbs of shrimp! While we don’t count on that kind of luck next time, we’re all looking forward to doing a charter again with Captain Barry in the future! Thanks for your professionalism, your expertise, and for being so kind, Captain Barry!

– Adriane

Great experience for young and old on our trip. Captain and mate made sure everyone was safe and we caught about 75 lbs. of shrimp!!! It was a great time and I would recommend theses guys to anyone!

– Darin

This was am amazing trip. I can’t believe after so many years of coming to the Outer Banks we never thought to do this but I am glad that we finally did. Taking a teenager, a preteen and a 5 year old we weren’t sure what to expect but it was nothing other than outstanding. Captain Barry not only got us 60lbs of shrimp, he taught us about the shrimping process and commercial shrimping. We learned so much and we all loved every second of it. What a way to sneak a little bit of education into a summer vacation. I can’t imagine having a better Captain and we will definitely be back to see Captain Barry again.

– Rachel

Anyone who books a shrimp trip with anyone BUT Captain Barry is foolish! We had the time of our life and memories for the kids forever. Captain Barry was confident and determined to catch a huge haul of shrimp and he came thru with 70 pounds! Can’t wait to book next year with him.

– Bill

Called Barry on a tuesday and booked a trip for Wednesday morning didnt know what to expect with the nor’Easter just getting over but captain Barry put us on the shrimp for a great experience ! It’s a great family experience and hands on for the kids

– Brandon

This was the highlight of our first trip to the outer banks. My wife and I had a great time, and almost 40 pounds of shrimp as a bonus. Thanks Barry and Duglass.

– Robert D Howard

My boys and I had an awesome trip! We had a great time on board and then got to take home a 60 qt cooler completely full of jumbo shrimp!

– Augustin

Excellent charter!! Barry and his deck hand were great! This will most definitely be a yearly trip when we come to the Outer Banks!

– Jamison

My wife and I would highly recommend this charter. Captain Barry and mate were great. I am definitely booking this charter again next year. Fun for the whole family and plenty of shrimp!

– Boyds

We wish we could give it 10 stars!!! Boat was immaculate. Capt. Barry and his First Mate were very informative and personable. We caught a lot of shrimp to bring home—44lbs!! We will see you again next year in September😊. Thank you for a great experience—one we won’t forget!!! The Stone and Nelson Families

– Al and Amy

This is a MUST DO experience when you’re in the area. So much fun! Captain Barry & First Mate Douglas are kind, professional, and very knowledgeable. The boat is immaculately clean, and coming home with dinner is AWESOME! Thank you for a great day!

– Casey Davis

What a fun and exciting experience! We learned how to harvest shrimp and took home the entire catch!
Captain Barry and first mate Duglas were the best!

– Leroy & Jo

If you’re planning a trip to OBX don’t hesitate to book a trip with Captain Barry! He was a wealth of information & very professional. The whole family enjoyed the shrimping experience! The first mate, Douglas, is awesome. They worked seamlessly together. Looking forward to enjoying all the shrimp. We will be back! Thanks 🙂

– Tom