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Anyone who books a shrimp trip with anyone BUT Captain Barry is foolish! We had the time of our life and memories for the kids forever. Captain Barry was confident and determined to catch a huge haul of shrimp and he came thru with 70 pounds! Can’t wait to book next year with him.

– Bill

Called Barry on a tuesday and booked a trip for Wednesday morning didnt know what to expect with the nor’Easter just getting over but captain Barry put us on the shrimp for a great experience ! It’s a great family experience and hands on for the kids

– Brandon

This was the highlight of our first trip to the outer banks. My wife and I had a great time, and almost 40 pounds of shrimp as a bonus. Thanks Barry and Duglass.

– Robert D Howard

My boys and I had an awesome trip! We had a great time on board and then got to take home a 60 qt cooler completely full of jumbo shrimp!

– Augustin

Excellent charter!! Barry and his deck hand were great! This will most definitely be a yearly trip when we come to the Outer Banks!

– Jamison

My wife and I would highly recommend this charter. Captain Barry and mate were great. I am definitely booking this charter again next year. Fun for the whole family and plenty of shrimp!

– Boyds

We wish we could give it 10 stars!!! Boat was immaculate. Capt. Barry and his First Mate were very informative and personable. We caught a lot of shrimp to bring home—44lbs!! We will see you again next year in September😊. Thank you for a great experience—one we won’t forget!!! The Stone and Nelson Families

– Al and Amy

This is a MUST DO experience when you’re in the area. So much fun! Captain Barry & First Mate Douglas are kind, professional, and very knowledgeable. The boat is immaculately clean, and coming home with dinner is AWESOME! Thank you for a great day!

– Casey Davis

What a fun and exciting experience! We learned how to harvest shrimp and took home the entire catch!
Captain Barry and first mate Duglas were the best!

– Leroy & Jo

If you’re planning a trip to OBX don’t hesitate to book a trip with Captain Barry! He was a wealth of information & very professional. The whole family enjoyed the shrimping experience! The first mate, Douglas, is awesome. They worked seamlessly together. Looking forward to enjoying all the shrimp. We will be back! Thanks 🙂

– Tom

The most amazing experience for my husband and I. We booked this charter for our 20 year wedding anniversary and Captain Berry went above and beyond to make sure we had a great trip. If you want to book a shrimp charter this is the Captain to do it with. We went home with plenty of shrimp and lots of great memories. Thank you Captain Berry! See you in September !

– Valerie

This was the best trip ever! This was all my family would talk about the rest of the day. My 9 year old son was hesitant because he didn’t think we would be doing anything. But once we were on the Hallie M. and pulled in the first trawl, everything changed…we saw/touched so many different types of fish…my daughter, 7, started naming them. We were able to keep everything that was legal size. Unfortunately all the the fish were babies, but we ended up with 60 lbs of shrimp and about a dozen blue crabs.

We will definitely be doing this again next summer!

– Lauren

Anyone looking for a different type of charter needs to take this trip. Captain and mate are excellent and very knowledgeable. Boat is top of the line. Highly recommend Hallie M to everyone.

– Chris

We had an awesome time!!! We will definitely be doing this again!! We hauled out almost the maximum shrimp and the Captain and his mate were great to work with!! The captain was extremely nice and very accompanying to our needs while on his boat! It was the best decision on our vacation this year! We made once in a lifetime memories on our trip and have a full cooler of shrimp! Thanks again for the awesome shrimping trip!😊🍤 Highly recommend that everyone takes 3 hours of their day and do this!

– Sherri

This mornings charter on the Hallie M was simply amazing! Captain Barry and his crew were great and taught us everything about shrimp trawling. Captain Barry made the trip a learning experience and at the same time we hauled in 43lbs of large shrimp and a few dozen keeper fish. The boat was the cleanest and neatest fishing vessel I have ever seen and we will definitely be rebooking very soon for another adventure on the Hallie M!.

– Brian

First class. Knowledgeable Captain, great boat and top flight first mate made for a great day of shrimping. Captain Barry has the best charter I have ever been on. For anyone who wants a memorable adventure just spent a few hours on the Hallie M.

– Tom

we had a GREAT time with this charter….Captain Barry and Duglas were inviting and did awesome job with making sure that the experience was comfortable, enjoyable,safe and educational…if you’re looking for a different charter that gives you the rest of your day to enjoy more at the beach…THIS is the one…and given the situation with COVID…this is a great way to enjoy time with family ,away from crowds on the beach….ENJOY ! the crab can be fiesty !! 🙂

– Travis

Just returned home from shrimping on the Haille M. Let me tell you, WHAT A FANTASTIC TIME! Captain Barry and mate run a very professional charter, fun and interesting for the kids. I highly recommend taking a break from the beach and go shrimping on Hailee M charters. Thanks Captain for providing a great memory for myself and my kids.

– Aaron