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This mornings charter on the Hallie M was simply amazing! Captain Barry and his crew were great and taught us everything about shrimp trawling. Captain Barry made the trip a learning experience and at the same time we hauled in 43lbs of large shrimp and a few dozen keeper fish. The boat was the cleanest and neatest fishing vessel I have ever seen and we will definitely be rebooking very soon for another adventure on the Hallie M!.

– Brian

First class. Knowledgeable Captain, great boat and top flight first mate made for a great day of shrimping. Captain Barry has the best charter I have ever been on. For anyone who wants a memorable adventure just spent a few hours on the Hallie M.

– Tom

we had a GREAT time with this charter….Captain Barry and Duglas were inviting and did awesome job with making sure that the experience was comfortable, enjoyable,safe and educational…if you’re looking for a different charter that gives you the rest of your day to enjoy more at the beach…THIS is the one…and given the situation with COVID…this is a great way to enjoy time with family ,away from crowds on the beach….ENJOY ! the crab can be fiesty !! 🙂

– Travis

Just returned home from shrimping on the Haille M. Let me tell you, WHAT A FANTASTIC TIME! Captain Barry and mate run a very professional charter, fun and interesting for the kids. I highly recommend taking a break from the beach and go shrimping on Hailee M charters. Thanks Captain for providing a great memory for myself and my kids.

– Aaron